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If you think that counting days on a calendar and marking some highlights on a calendar are annoying, you will find EZ Lady Calendar for BlackBerry useful. Simply enter the information of your last period, then you are able to view the dates of all your future periods.
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11/30/2008: EZ Lady Calendar version 3.2 released.
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EZ Her Calendar (with reminder) is designed for the ladies who want a more advanced cycle calendar to manage their monthly cycles. EZ Her Calendar features a reminder that is able to notify ladies one day before and the day of her next period. It also features a pregnancy calculator that provides the details of the due date of your baby. 
12/20/2008: EZ Her Calendar version 4.1.2 released.
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Staying in shape is everyone's goal. Studies have shown that human obesity may cause a lot of health problems. Many of us start to gain weight without knowing our current body weight status. After a certian amount of time, when we find that our current outfits are tight, then we start to believe we are overweight. This case happens to us all the time. The best way to stay in shape and healthy is always aware of your current body weight status. EzMobiGo's EZ Weight Tracker is to work with you to  keep track of your body weight status anytime, anywhere.
01/05/2009: EZ Weight Tracker version 2.0 released.
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Checking your body fitness status frequently can help you stay in good health. EZ Fitness Calculator is aimed to help you easily know your body fitness status. It includes the most useful and accurate formulas to generate the results of your body fitness status. With EZ Fitness Calculator, you are able to know your body fitness status whenever and wherever.
01/12/2009: EZ Fitness Calculator version 2.0 released.
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